Custom Diamond Drive Plates Equipment
Product Number: DP7513HR, DP7517HR, DP7520HR, SP7517HR

Custom designed to fit all standard floor machines, manufactured from 1979 to current day, (when used with a universal adapter). Hardrock Weighted Drive Plates are the only drive plate you will need for refinishing and polishing natural stone floors. The base is constructed of solid steel to provide the weight needed for grinding with diamonds and produce the friction needed for polishing. Each plate has six velcro pads for holding diamonds and six water feed holes.

Balanced weight is incorporated into the plate, eliminating the need to add weight to the top of the machine. Rubber base pads are included with each drive plate.

Exclusively Manufactured by International Polishing Techniques

  • 13"
  • 17"
  • 20"
  • Extra Heavy 17" - A special 60 lb. plate that fits on a 17" machine for deep grinding and leveling of stone floors.
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