Stone Polishing Compound (Paste) Compounds
Product Number: SPC1000 Series

A ready to use, "5X" type polishing compound that is made into a slurry and buffed to produce a natural, high sheen. It is a wetted compound for the restoration of worn marble, travertine, limestone and other calcium based natural stone surfaces.

Features and Benefits
Original application restores the color of the stone
Develops a high, natural gloss and sheen
Never requires stripping
High traffic areas can be touched up, no need to do the entire floor
Can be applied with a standard low-speed floor machine
Produces a relatively durable finish
Will remove fine to medium scratches
Wet compound form eliminates irritating dust found in 5X powder

Recommended for use on the following Surfaces
Marble, Limestone, Travertine, and Terrazzo.

Has limited effect on granite.
Requires special training to use.
Requires use of additional equipment. (wet vac, mop, mop bucket, etc.)
Can cause slight "burn" or "orange peel" appearance on some stones.

  • 10 lb & 25 lb Pails
  • 4-10 lb Pails (Case)
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